June 21, 2024 melodicmuse

Miccoli Unveils Soulful Acoustic Track “If I Could”

Discover the soulful depth of Miccoli’s latest release, “If I Could.” This acoustic track, beautifully stripped-down, captures raw emotion through heartfelt lyrics and delicate guitar and vocal harmonies.

Miccoli’s evocative sound and poignant storytelling shine in “If I Could,” making it an unforgettable listening experience. The haunting melodies and intimate musical journey linger long after the song ends.

June 20, 2024 melodicmuse

Waldeck Releases New Album ‘The Moon and the Orient’

Renowned for his electronic with strong references to jazz, swing, and cinematic sounds, Waldeck announces his triumphant return with his new album, The Moon and the Orient, via Dope Noir Records.

The brilliant musician with a PhD in law, Waldeck, made his debut in the late ‘90s and, together with musicians like Kruder & Dorfmeister, catapulted Viennese electronic music to global prominence. Ballroom Stories, his highly acclaimed album, continues to be a benchmark for dance music worldwide.

Following his signing with SONY and widespread recognition in nightclubs, radio, and the advertising industry, Waldeck founded his record label, Dope Noir Records, in 2001.

Waldeck dedicates his seventh studio album to Genies and Scheherazade. The Moon and the Orient, captivates with a strong feeling of mystery, wonder, and surprise combined with an oriental ambience. The works explore the fun forms of the selected genre with the customary rigour, yet they inevitably fall into that distinctive, familiar, and pleasant Waldeck sound.

When writing music, Waldeck often starts with a topic and works on the track after that. But with this record, he had already gathered several blueprints that pointed him in the right way. “These tracks are the best of the best that I have always wanted to release, but never found the place for them,” says Walkdeck.

Though the record uses a little more electronics than its predecessors, The Moon and the Orient, is nonetheless classy and sophisticated. From the start to the final bar, the rhythms frequently emerge like cobras from their baskets, keeping the tension high. Emotions of longing and exoticism caress and fuel elegant arrangements, while buried yearning to yearn for fulfilment and a return. His musical range however goes far beyond this. Waldeck came to define the kind of downtempo ‘Vienna sound’ which was popular in the ‘90s and early noughties, with influences from dub and trip-hop.

The concept album tells the tale of how the genie is never completely free. For a minimum of 1001 nights, the person who frees the 12 Waldeck genies from their oil lamps will charm hearts and ears, whether they are in a ballroom, on the dance floor, or wherever else where love is sought after. Drag performers Lucy McEvil and Zeebee make an appearance on the album. Patrizia Ferrara, his consistent musical partner since 2017, features on vocals with her captivating performance that accentuates the album’s beauty.

Waldeck further demonstrates his versatility as an artist with a tapestry of expressive reality, resonating lyricism, lingering melodies, fascinating storytelling, and magical creations. He skillfully combines emotional depth with serenity. The album is as masterful as it is tragic, encapsulating the spirit of a masterwork 12-track record.

With a consistent back catalogue of high-quality releases since his debut album, his latest offering showcases a more polished style, format, and dedication to Waldeck’s outstanding music.

On the release, Waldeck shares, “The orient is a wonderful place of stories and imagination. I also like the idea of genies which seem to be the personification of the saying “be careful what you wish for”.”

The Moon and the Orient, makes a lasting impression on the listener because of the evocative vocals and thoughtful compositions that combine to create a sonically diverse journey that transcends boundaries.

June 19, 2024 melodicmuse


On August 9, 2024, GRAMMY® Award-winning multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and producer Nelly Furtado will release her breakout full-length debut album, Whoa, Nelly! on vinyl for the first time. Featuring five bonus tracks, Whoa, Nelly! will be available as a deluxe 2LP set pressed on standard black vinyl and a Limited-Edition 2LP version pressed on cotton candy pink and orange peel colour vinyl with brand-new alternate cover art.

With its dynamic genre-shifting between dance music, folk, R&B, and Latin stylings, Whoa, Nelly! introduced the songstress as an eclectic pop presence without comparison. She notably wrote and produced the entire body of work, establishing her vision from the jump with anthems like “Hey, Man!” and “Turn Off the Light.” Originally released on October 24, 2000, the album achieved a double-platinum certification from the RIAA, while Nelly garnered a total of four GRAMMY® Award nominations in 2002, going on to take home “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” for the platinum single “I’m Like A Bird.” The record’s tracks have also gathered north of 1 billion total streams and counting to date.

Among the newly added material, Whoa, Nelly! now features an Acoustic Version of “I’m Like A Bird” as well as Dan The Automator Mix of “Shit On the Radio (Remember The Days).” Plus, it showcases the early foundation of her legendary collaborative partnership with Timbaland, boasting “Turn Off The Light (Timbaland Full Mix Version)” [feat. Ms. Jade & Timbaland]. Check out the full tracklisting below.

In retrospect, FLOOD Magazine praised, “Her low-key style of fame is, by design, a feminist statement that can be traced directly back to the self she exposed on Whoa, Nelly!: an artist who stands firm in the belief that no person should be reduced to a one-dimensional front.” SLANT christened it: “A refreshing antidote to the army of pop princesses and rap-metal bands that had taken over at the turn of the millennium.”

Last month, the global superstar performed her iconic hits for her Tiny Desk Concert which was instantly deemed a must-see performance across social media and by Billboard, Buzzfeed, and Rolling Stone. Her acoustic set, performed by some of Furtado’s closest collaborators and creative directed by her daughter, included her multi-platinum and GRAMMY® Award-winning hits, her rare remix of Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On”, and her brand-new single “Love Bites” feat. Tove Lo and SG Lewis.

Released on May 22 alongside an interview with Zane Lowe, “Love Bites” has amassed over 8.6 million streams to date and has received worldwide critical praise from Billboard, Rolling Stone Italy, PAPER Magazine, Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit, Rolling Stone Germany, CBC, Stereogum, CLASH Magazine, EUPHORIA. Magazine, UPROXX, more.

This week, Nelly Furtado co-headlined Fan Fest EURO 2024 alongside Ed Sheeran – watch the pair singing “I’m Like A Bird” in a backstage jam HERE. Nelly will continue her run of live performances in the US, UK, Mexico, and Europe throughout the summer, including Isle of MTV Malta with DJ Snake and RAYE, HARD Summer in Los Angeles, and more.

Visit Nelly Furtado’s website for ticket details.

Side A
Hey, Man!
Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days)
Baby Girl
I’m Like A Bird

Side B
Turn Off The Light
Trynna Finda Way
Well, Well
My Love Grows Deeper Part 1

Side C
I Will Make U Cry
Scared Of You
Onde Estas
I’m Like A Bird (Acoustic Version)

Side D
Turn Off The Light – Timbaland Full Mix Version (feat. Ms. Jade & Timbaland)
Shit On the Radio (Remember The Days) – Dan The Automator Mix Version
Party (Reprise)
My Love Grows Deeper – Non LP Version

June 18, 2024 melodicmuse

Hardy & Martin Unveil Their Brand New ‘So Sweet E.P’ On Fibre Records

Iconic Leeds Venue Fibre celebrates their sixth Fibre Records release.
Welcoming DJ/Producers Lee Hardy and Con Martin known collectively as Hardy & Martin to the esteemed Fibre label, their latest release, So Sweet E.P delivers unparalleled dancefloor energy.
Both recognised as House heavy hitters, the tracks So Sweet and One More Time instantly transcend you to another realm with uplifting pianos, feel-good vocals, and succinct driving beats, embodying their signature sound that has become synonymous with the iconic Fibre brand.

Lee Hardy has been DJing for over 15 years & producing music over the last 5 years with multiple releases under his belt. A well-known DJ across the UK, he’s known for his definitive piano influenced, big vocal sound. Hardy has held a number of residencies across Liverpool, Manchester and Ibiza and is now expanding his profile and love for House music with this newly formed duo.

With 10 years of experience behind the decks, Con Martin has actively played in Ibiza for Sin Sundays, and also hosted his own Houseone Events. Recently stepping into production, Martin’s output has circulated across clubland with DJ’s from UK to Marbella and Ibiza playing his tracks.

Reflecting on the successful Fibre brand, the esteemed nightclub first opened its doors in early 2000’s and has continued its monumental impact upon Leeds’ nightlife ever since. As an innovative venue, it remains a safe space for all to enjoy a night out in the city. Partygoers have consistently been flocking to Fibre for the past 24 years and it shows no sign of slowing. Its enduring appeal alongside regularly featuring local talent, they bridge the gap between the more traditional LGBTQ+ bars in the area and straight venues (where not everyone is always actively made to feel welcome).

Last year, after 23 years of legendary parties, the Fibre crew made the decision to launch their in-house record label Fibre Records with one clear mission – “To release dance floor filling tracks that embody the unique and captivating sound experienced week after week at Fibre”. A mission So Sweet E.P most certainly has achieved. ALready finding favour with the world’s leading DJ’s.

So Sweet Is Available June 28th

June 17, 2024 melodicmuse


Southern California-based singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer VENUS releases her new single “Run Away” today, June 14. The reflective tender ballad, “a glittery ode to the woes of timing” as Venus sees it, offers a glimpse of what’s to come on Venus’ forthcoming EP due out later this summer, which is being composed entirely by Venus herself.

“Run Away” follows a pair of singles released late last year including “If (This is Love),” which had Sweety High raving “…with just one track, her dreamy and evocative vocals have us completely transfixed…we cannot wait to hear what else it has to offer” and “Things Change” which Los Angeles’ KCRW highlighted as a “Today’s Top Tune” (here). “Things Change” was also recognized by Ones To Watch who wrote: “It’s difficult not to be transported by the beauty of the song. The luscious vocals and calming tempo create an ethereal vibe check that feels like you are in the presence of a goddess, reassuring you lyrically and spiritually. While we can’t fight the momentum of time passing, one thing you can change is giving this artist a listen and enjoy the best sonic fortune coming from Fontana in some time.”

Following years of self-discovery, refining her sound, and a collaborative EP release with her group Ahmore which was publicly recognized by Uproxx “Best New R&B,” Fusicology and more, Venus is embarking on a new chapter. Drawing inspiration from her vastly diverse musical tastes, Venus writes, records, and produces within the walls of her home. She has a soft spot for writing soothing, infectious music and relatable narratives. A singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, she combines these strengths into an undeniable dreamlike fusion of indie/alternative, pop, and new wave. For Venus, music is meant to be a “soundtrack to the stories of our lives.”

June 14, 2024 melodicmuse

Interview: Flo Chase

Have you ever found yourself revisiting a particular dream more than once?

None recently that I can remember. Though as a kid, I do remember dreaming about falling off the edge of a tall building a couple times which is a bit of a weird one.

In your opinion, what is an essential life experience that every individual should undergo at least once?

Two come to mind. First, I would say traveling to a foreign country on your own as I think it is possibly the best way to learn and grow as an individual.
Secondly, I would say falling in love as it is one of the most special and electrifying feeling in the world.

What’s currently playing in your ears?

I’ve been listening to ‘Appreciate You’ and ‘Sunflower Fields’ by MAGIC.

What is one book that changed your life?

One of the most recent ones is ‘Greenlights’ by Matthew McConaughey.

If we’re treating, what beverage would you choose?

Would have to be an espresso martini.

Share with us a significant dinner memory that stands out for you.

One that comes to mind is a couple years back when we were traveling to Europe with some friends and our first night in Paris. We were so jet lagged that we just couldn’t stop laughing the entire night for absolutely no reason. Our waiter came and partied with us afterwards and it was probably the best night of this entire trip.

Can you recount a challenging work experience that you consider to be the least enjoyable?

My brother and I actually use to do security jobs for some private events in Sydney. I remember how some of these shifts just felt like they went on for a lifetime.

Reflect on the day that brought you the most joy in your life.

I would have to say my first day in the studio recording for my debut EP. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy and inspired. From having the band, record producer and my brother around for it made it so special. Seeing how these songs I originally wrote in my small studio apartment on my acoustic guitar or piano translated into a full band studio situation was so inspiring and uplifting.

If you had the chance to jet off anywhere right now, where would your destination be?

I’d say go meet my best mate in Spain. It’s such a good time to be in Europe right now with the summer and we always have a blast whenever we get to travel together.

Who holds the title of your favorite fictional hero?

I’m not much of a fictional hero movie or book guy but I’d say possibly Spider-man.

How would you like people to remember you?

Hopefully as a nice, genuine and generous person. Of course, it would be nice to be remembered for my work but at the end of the day I believe the most impact we can make with our time here is by being a good person and treating everyone with kindness and respect.

June 6, 2024 melodicmuse

Midland Raises A Glass To Melancholic Memories On New Single ‘Old Fashioned Feeling’

GRAMMY-nominated trio Midland has released “Old Fashioned Feeling,” a melancholic reflection of an intoxicating relationship, steeped in smoke and served with a dash of bitters.

The new single marks their first collaboration with GRAMMY-winning producer Dave Cobb and was recorded at the historic Georgia Mae Studios in Savannah, GA. The track arrives with an official video directed by Harper Smith that finds the band on a golden-hued film set surrounded by showbiz chaos and a cast of hurried flappers, mimes, managers and actors.
“Sometimes it feels good to go for a swim in the Blues, have a sip of that fiery nostalgia and live in the memory of something that was once so sweet that’s now turned bitter. Lose yourself in this Classic Country cup of 80 proof soul with a back beat,” explains Midland. “It’s the sound of every dingy neon hazed bar room where you go to hide in plain sight.”

Earlier this month, Midland and Orville Peck released their sweeping caution-to-the-wind Roy Orbison-evoking collaboration “The Hurtin’ Kind” that appeared on Peck’s new duets album Stampede Vol. 1. The song, which the artists debuted live aboard Midland’s The Last Resort Cruise last month, was written by Orville Peck, Leland, Ryan Raines, Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson.

Fresh off the heels of the maiden voyage of The Last Resort Cruise, Midland wrapped their Up In Texas headline tour earlier this month and are hitting the road for a series of headline shows including the L.A. County Fair this Friday, May 24 and a return to the legendary Fort Worth, TX honky tonk Billy Bob’s for a two-night stand on June 21 and 22. The trio will also make a handful of festival appearances including the Bluebird Music Festival, Boots and Hearts Music Festival and Born & Raised.

Next month, the band will release a cover of Tom Petty’s iconic “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” on the tribute album Petty Country: A Country Music Celebration of Tom Petty (out June 21 via Big Machine Records).

Upcoming Tour Dates:
5/24 – Pomona, CA – Los Angeles County Fair
5/25 – Paso Robles, CA – Cork and Jug Country Jam
6/21 – Fort Worth, TX – Billy Bob’s
6/22 – Fort Worth, TX – Billy Bob’s
6/27 – Emigrant, MT – Old Saloon
6/28 – Three Forks, MT – Bridger Brewing
6/29 – Casper, WY – Gaslight Social
7/04 – Sun Valley, ID – Bluebird Music Festival
7/06 – Taos, NM – Kit Carson Park
7/26 – Modesto, CA – Midland Live in Modesto
7/27 – Wheatland, CA – Hard Rock Live Sacramento
7/28 – Saratoga, CA – The Mountain Winery
8/08 – Oro-Medonte – Boots and Hearts Music Festival
8/09 – Verona, NY – The Event Center at Turning Stone Resort Casino
8/23 – Forest Grove, OR – McMenamins Grand Lodge
8/24 – Airway Heights, WA – BECU Live Outdoor Venue
9/06 – Fort Madison, IA – Tri-State Rodeo
9/13 – Pryor, OK – Born & Raised

Double Grammy nominees Midland have sought to reintroduce the Western plains, Laurel Canyon-cum-Bakersfield and Lone Star juke joints to Country music since coming together at a friend’s wedding over common influences and the need for a return to this sort of post-Urban Cowboy Country. For lead singer/guitarist Mark Wystrach, bassist/vocalist Cameron Duddy and lead guitarist/vocalist Jess Carson, the double platinum hit “Drinkin’ Problem” set the stage for their critically acclaimed  On The Rocks and No. 1  Billboard  Top Country Albums debut  Let It Roll  to unite classic country fans, hipsters and media including  Entertainment Weekly, GQ, The Washington Post, Vogue, Esquire, Variety, Rolling Stone  and  NPR. Based in Dripping Springs, Texas, the trio of songwriters who developed their sound at Tornillo, Texas’ storied Sonic Ranch have been building a following that’s sold-out the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show, packed a multiple-night stand at Ft. Worth’s iconic Billy Bob’s and re-opened North Hollywood’s legendary Palomino Club for one night only. Bringing listeners a resurgence of their thick harmonies, sad melodies, tart lyrics and steel guitar with their album The Last Resort: Greetings From (Big Machine Records) the retro-Nuevo trio has grown from bar band to an in-demand headliner who mounted their own cruise in April 2024. 

June 5, 2024 melodicmuse

Imagine Dragons Reveal New Single “Nice To Meet You”

The GRAMMY-winning, multi-Platinum band Imagine Dragons share “Nice to Meet You”, the third single in the lead up to their highly anticipated upcoming album “LOOM”, out June 28. The propulsive funk-pop track is an upbeat retelling of the foibles and beauty that comes in the beginning stages of a relationship.

The band has also revealed an accompanying music video for the track, directed by longtime band collaborator Matt Eastin. Set amid the nostalgic ambiance of a retro bar, the video captures the magnetic first encounter (or is it?) of lead-singer Dan Reynolds and a new love interest.

Earlier this month, Imagine Dragons joined forces with multi-Latin GRAMMY award winner and global superstar J Balvin to share a new version of their hit single “Eyes Closed” (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope) and accompanying collaborative music video.

Imagine Dragons’ forthcoming sixth studio album LOOM (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope/Universal Music) is set for release on June 28th. The new album represents the pinnacle of the band’s artistic journey of self-discovery and marks the best body of work they’ve ever made. LOOM, produced entirely by Imagine Dragons and their longtime collaborators Mattman and Robin, finds the perfect balance between the classic sounds that have made them superstars and the freshness that brought them joy in the studio. Featuring 9 brand new tracks including hit single “Eyes Closed”, LOOM signifies new beginnings on the horizon – the excitement for a new day, moments yet to come.

In tandem with the record, the band will embark on their biggest North American headline tour to date. Descending upon legendary venues across the country, it kicks off on July 30, 2024 in Camden, NJ at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, rolls through major markets coast-to-coast, and concludes on October 22, 2024 at Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood Bowl. Check out the full confirmed itinerary below.
It’s the year of the Dragons..

Tour Dates:
July 30, 2024 – Camden, NJ – Freedom Mortgage Pavilion
August 2, 2024 – Wantagh, NY – Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater
August 4, 2024 – Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts Center
August 6, 2024 – Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center
August 8, 2024 – Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage
August 9 – Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage
August 12, 2024 – Clarkston, MI – Pine Knob Music Theatre
August 14, 2024 – Burgettstown, PA – The Pavilion at Star Lake
August 16, 2024 – St. Louis, MO – Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
August 18, 2024 – Tinley Park, IL – Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre
August 20, 2024 – Noblesville, IN – Ruoff Music Center
August 22, 2024 – Bristow, VA – Jiffy Lube Live
August 23, 2024 – Columbia, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion
August 26, 2024 – Virginia Beach, VA – Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater
August 28, 2024 – Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion
August 30, 2024 – West Palm Beach, FL – iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre
September 1, 2024 – Tampa, FL – MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
September 4, 2024 – Dallas, TX – Dos Equis Pavilion
September 6, 2024 – Houston, TX – The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman
September 8, 2024 – Ridgedale, MO – Thunder Ridge Nature’s Arena
September 28, 2024 – Seattle, WA, The Gorge Amphitheatre
September 29, 2024 – Ridgefield, WA – RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater
October 2, 2024 – Wheatland, CA – Toyota Amphitheatre
October 5, 2024 – Chula Vista, CA – North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre
October 6, 2024 – Phoenix, AZ – Talking Stick Resort Amphitheatre
October 9, 2024 – Albuquerque, NM – Isleta Amphitheater
October 11, 2024 – Salt Lake City, UT – Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre
October 12, 2024 – Salt Lake City, UT – Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre
October 17, 2024 – Denver, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
October 20, 2024 – Mountain View, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre
October 22, 2024 – Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
October 23, 2024 – Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl

June 4, 2024 melodicmuse

Stephen Marley Announces A New “Old Soul” Remix For June 7th Release

Stephen Marley, the acclaimed 8x GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer, announces the release of a new remix of his single “Old Soul,” the title track of his latest critically- acclaimed album by DJ Delano of Renaissance Disco titled (DJ Delano Renaissance Santa Barbara Mix). The remix also features a sample of the classic ‘Santa Barbara’ riddim created by the legendary Grammy Award-winning Jamaican drummer, Sly Dunbar (Sly & Robbie).

The new “Old Soul” remix release coincides with the resumption of the second leg pf Stephen’s Old Soul Tour (Unplugged) dates starting this Saturday, May 25th at the Cali Roots Festival in Monterey, California with his brother Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. Both the remix and tour are a continuation of Stephen Marley’s support of his landmark album Old Soulthat was released last fall.
“I was invited to play at Stephen Marley’s daughter’s wedding reception and wanted to play “Old Soul,” my favorite song from the album, while people were dancing. I decided to drop a riddim on the spot to create a remix doing it live. They loved the mix and vibe from ‘the remix king” and this how the remix came about.” shared DJ Delano of Renaissance Disco.

A special acoustic set accompanied by guitars, flute and percussion featuring songs off his new album Old Soul + plus selections from his entire catalog and Bob Marley classics!

6.5 Green Bay, WI @epicgreenbay*
6.6 Madison, WI @thesylvee*
6.7 Plymouth, MN @liveatthehilde*
6.8 Kansas City, MO @kcliveblock*
6.11 Omaha, NE @steelhouseomaha*
6.13 Cincinnati, OH @riverfrontlivecincy*
6.14 Indianapolis, IN @everwiseampwrsp*
6.16 Cleveland, OH @cain_park*
6.18 Middlefield, CT @powderridgepark*
6.19 Deerfield, MA @treehousebrewco*
6.20 Kingston, NY @huttonbrickyards*
6.21 Grantville, PA @hollywoodpnrc*
6.22 Lafayette, NY @beakandskiff*
6.28 Morrison, CO @redrocksco^
6.29 Jackson, WY @snowkingmountain
8.04 Los Angeles, CA @hollywoodbowl”
*with Michael Franti
^Red Rocks with Damian Marley & Colorado Symphony

  • Burning Spear
    “Cali Roots Fest and Hollywood Bowl with Damian Marley
June 3, 2024 melodicmuse

Becky Hill Shares New Track “True Colours” Featuring Self Esteem

The two-time BRIT Award winner Becky Hill shares her most personal song to date in the shape of ‘True Colours’, which features Self Esteem.

Lyrically, ‘True Colours’ is a first-hand account of experiencing a sexual assault by somebody you trust and your friends not believing you. Becky has translated that into a song which simmers with empowerment, defiance and self-care. But this isn’t a song of being a victim: it’s an uplifting anthem that Becky hopes will encourage other women to speak out against sexual assault.

Becky invited Self Esteem to perform on the track, as the two women share similar beliefs and agendas, and are fans of each other’s work.

Becky says, “I didn’t want it to be emotional and I didn’t want it to be angry – I’ve had years of therapy to examine that anger and not allow it to inform me, who I am. Self Esteem is an artist I’ve been a huge fan of for the longest time so I’m super excited to have her on the track as I think the song resonates for both of us. It’s also the first track on the album so you really get a taste of what is to come. I hope everyone loves it as much as we do.”

Self Esteem adds, “As a huge fan of Becky it was an honour to hop on such an important track. We share a desire to turn these negative experiences into one of teaching and catharsis. ‘True Colours’ is another opportunity for both.”

True Colours’ is indicative of the soaring honesty that pulsates throughout ‘Believe Me Now?’, which is by far Becky’s most personal and authentic work to date. Covering experiences spanning love to loneliness, from life-affirming bonds to betrayal, it’s an ambitious album in which Becky dares to reveal snapshots from her own story. Bolstered by an array of top tier collaborators, it’s a set which is informed by her lifelong dedication to dance music culture while maintaining the instant appeal that has generated six UK Top 10 hits and six US Dance Radio #1 smashes.

‘Believe Me Now?’ is available to pre-order / pre-save HERE, and also features the recent singles ‘Side Effects’,’Disconnect’ (with Chase & Status), ‘Never Be Alone’ (with Sonny Fodera), ‘Outside of Love’ and ‘Right Here’.

Having started with dates in Australia and New Zealand before she completed her first European headline tour, 2024 is shaping up to be Becky’s biggest ever year of touring. Radio 1’s Big Weekend gets her summer festival schedule underway later this month. Several shows during her UK arena headline tour in October have already sold-out months in advance, while November brings another landmark live moment as she plays her biggest USvenues so far. Becky’s upcoming shows are listed below, please see for remaining tickets:

8th – UK, Manchester, Parklife (HEADLINER)
13th – UK, Cheshire, Delamere Forest
14th – Ireland, Cork, Musgrave Park
15th – UK, Belfast, Belsonic
23rd – Germany, Neuhausen ob Eck, Southside Festival

6th – Czechia, Ostrava, Beats For Love
12th – UK, Derby, Summer Sessions
18th – Canada, Vancouver, Hollywood Theatre
19th – USA, Seattle, Capitol Hill Block Party
20th – USA, Portland, Wonder Ballroom
29th – UK, Birmingham, hmv Vault (acoustic album release show)
30th – UK, Leeds, Wardrobe (acoustic album release shows)
31st – UK, London, Heaven (album release show)

9th – UK, Newmarket, Racecourse
10th – UK, Newquay, Boardmasters
11th – Hungary, Budapest, Sziget Festival
15th – Malta, Summer Daze
16th – UK, Durham, Hardwick Festival
18th – UK, Edinburgh, Summer Sessions
23rd – UK, Oxfordshire, Big Feastival (HEADLINER)
24th – UK, Cardiff, The Bay Series
25th – UK, Portsmouth, Victorious Festival
29th – UK, Scarborough, Open Air Theatre
30th – UK, Sheffield, Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus
31st – UK, Margate, Dreamland (SOLD OUT)

12th – UK, Glasgow, OVO Hydro
13th – UK, Newcastle, Utilita Arena
15th – UK, Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena
16th – UK, Leeds, First Direct Arena
18th – UK, Exeter, Westpoint Arena (SOLD OUT)
19th – UK, Birmingham, Utilita Arena (SOLD OUT)
20th – UK, Manchester, AO Arena (SOLD OUT)
22nd – UK, Cardiff, Utilita Arena (SOLD OUT)
24th – UK, London, OVO Arena Wembley (SOLD OUT)

7th – USA, San Diego, Music Box
8th – USA, Los Angeles, The Novo
9th – USA, San Francisco, The Fillmore (SOLD OUT)
10th – USA, Berkeley, The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall
13th – USA, Denver, Meow Wolf
15th – USA, Austin, Emo’s
16th – USA, Dallas, The Studio at The Factory
19th – USA, Chicago, Park West
21st – Canada, Toronto, The Axis Club (SOLD OUT)
22nd – Canada, Montreal, Le Studio TD
23rd – USA, New York, Terminal 5