May 30, 2024 melodicmuse

Interview: Pete Schlegel

Have you ever found yourself revisiting a particular dream more than once?

No not really.

In your opinion, what is an essential life experience that every individual should undergo at least once?

Having children, finding their soul mate.

What’s currently playing in your ears?

I listen to talk radio some, on road trips Willies Roadhouse or some Classic Rock!

What is one book that changed your life?

I can’t think of any, I guess I would say I am not an avid reader

If we’re treating, what beverage would you choose?

I guess it would depend? Coke, Beers, Vodka?

Share with us a significant dinner memory that stands out for you.

Family dinners!! Grandmas house for holidays!

Can you recount a challenging work experience that you consider to be the least enjoyable?

I have seen people in terrible life events with prior careers. It is terrible when you have to tell someone a loved one has passed away.

Reflect on the day that brought you the most joy in your life.

Having my children, spending time with my wife.

If you had the chance to jet off anywhere right now, where would your destination be?

Maybe California to see family.

Who holds the title of your favorite fictional hero?

Not into fictional hero’s but I did like the character in the series Reacher.

How would you like people to remember you?

Not so much remember me, but how I made them feel. Hopefully I always made them feel good, safe and loved!

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